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Sunday 20 February 2022

Israel Adesanya Getting Knocked Out

Watch Izzy Adesanya Getting Sparked Out!

Now I did not even know about this video until I went looking for it but apparently it shows the only time "The Last Stylebender" got knocked out in a fight.

It looks like some sort of Japanese event, held in a boxing ring. The video is short so I don't know if it's MMA or Kickboxing or even Muay Thai and as I don't speak Japanese I have no idea what the commentators or ringmaster were saying

However, it does show Izzy Israel Adesanya losing another fight, besides his one to Jan Blachowicz at light heavyweight in the UFC

This fight is obviously outside of the #UFC so his record of 22 wins and 1 loss still stands, however it is interesting to watch a young Izzy in action, especially getting sparked out, as I never knew about this fight before.


Israel Adesanya Getting Knocked Out

Israel Adesanya v Jan B┼éachowicz - #UFC259

In the UFC, Izzy also tried to repeat Conor McGregor's success of holding two belts at two different weights when he went up a division to fight Jan Blachowicz at light heavyweight.

However, it didn't look like Izzy had prepared for the fight by gaining weight, and the much stronger and heavier fighter won the day on points

At least Izzy didn't get knocked out though, unlike the first fight video, as Jan won on points in a unanimous decision at #UFC259.

I did have a video of the full fight for Israel Adesanya v Jan Blachowicz, however, it was someone filming the fight from the audience, so the UFC has taken it down from YouTube, if you were lucky enough to visit this page in the first 2 weeks it was up you could have watched what was a quite decent and steady phone video of the whole fight on this page. Instead, all we have are the official highlights.

UFC259 Official Highlights - Israel Adesanya v Jan Blachowicz 

Watch the official BT highlights of Israel Adesanya fighting Jan Blachowicz at UFC 259 right here.

So what do you think of The Last Stylebender getting sparked out, had you seen this fight before, or was it new to you.

Let me know in the comments.

Saturday 19 February 2022

UFC 271 - Israel Adesanya v Robert Whitaker

The Rematch - The Last Stylebender v Robert Whittaker

If you haven't yet watched #UFC271 then have a watch of this video which shows the whole main card at UFC 271, all 3 hours of itfrom

If you just want to watch the headline fight between middleweights Israel Adesanya and Robert Whitaker then scroll to the time 2.15.00 on the video, to get to the start of the main event.

If you just want to watch the co-main event between heavyweights Derick Lewis and Tai Tuivasa then scroll to 1.47.00 to get to the start of that fight.

I am glad people are starting to put videos up on sites other than YouTube as they get taken down so quickly from that Google-owned streaming site, and for some reason, BT is not putting up the full fight as they used to, even a whole week later. So watch it whilst you can!

UFC 271 - Main Card

Israel Adesanya v Robert Whitaker (fight 2)

After Israel stole Robert's middleweight belt down under he had been on a roll in the UFC undefeated at this weight class. 

Izzy did try to go up a division and fight Jan Blachowicz at light heavyweight. However, Israel didn't seem to put much weight on, what is a very thin-framed spindly body, and the heavier fighter won, giving Israel his first loss (20,1) in the UFC.

I thought that maybe this loss might have got into Israel's headspace, having never lost and thinking you are invincible, to only get beaten, it must come as a shock to the system, and who knows what effect it had on him.

It certainly got the attention of Jon Jones who called out Adesanya after the loss and shut down any talk of a fight between the two saying “Yeah never mind, that’s not even worth my time” on Twitter.

Israel Adesanya v Robert Whitaker - UFC 271

However, whatever effect the loss had on his state of mind, Israel Adesanya still managed to come out on top against rival Robert Whittaker at UFC 271

The duo fought out a tightly contested five-rounder at #UFC271 with the Last Stylebender securing a narrow win on points. 

Robert actually thought he had done enough to win and was obviously disappointed with the result, but to gain the crown he really had to do more than he did. 

He was the only one of the two who got knocked to the floor in round one, and he didn't manage to cut Israel's face up at all. In fact, quite amazingly Israel was still breathing through his nose and looking unfazed and undazed at the end of round 5.

One good thing though was to see the two congratulate each other and shake hands after the fight. Unlike their first battle, there was little bad mouthing in the run-up and Israel commended Robert on taking time out after his loss and training differently for their re-match, with Robert complimenting Israel as well for having the belt. There were no Conor McGregor like slurs in the build-up to this re-match, unlike their first fight.

Personally, I thought the fight was a bit boring, Israel was very composed, kept out of Robert's range, and managed to defend all of his take-down attempts. Israel kept Robert at bay with kicks and his longer reaching jab that got through Whitaker's guard multiple times. 

Robert did attempt a number of take-down attempts but Israel managed to defend them all successfully and there seemed no danger of him getting caught up in some sort of BJJ trap on the floor.

To be honest, compared to their first fight it was a bit of a letdown and it went the whole way, all 5 rounds, and Israel won narrowly on points.

Israel Adesanya v Robert Whitaker - Fight Highlights

You can watch the official highlights below if you don't want to watch the full fight on the video at the top of the page. If you do, scroll to the time 2.15.00 to get to the start of their fight.

BT used to put up the full fight after a week on YouTube, but now all you get are the highlights or someones phone's video from the back of the arena. Why they have changed this I have no idea, but trust me the highlights are all you need to see as there wasn't much exciting action in the bits they don't show.

Derrick Lewis v Tai Tuivasa UFC 271

The co-main event was a heavyweight battle between Derrick Lewis and Tai Tuivasa and to me, this was a much more exciting fight to watch.

There is just something about two heavyweights, belly's out, kicking, and windmilling toe to toe that gives it that edge. With the chance of KO at any time when two men of this size go punch for punch as if boozy Brits outside a pub at closing time.

It was a shock result for me, as I had money on a double for Derick and Israel to both win, but during one tussle Tai managed to elbow Derick in the head and the force was so much it put him to the floor, the ref stepped in and that was game over, shock for the crowd but it was a real slugfest and great to watch.

Full Fight - Derick Lewis v Tai Tuivasa UFC 271

I don't know how long this video will be up for as it's shot from the crowd but it shows you the full fight. So if you want more than the official highlights have a watch. Or watch the main video at the top of the page for the whole card. If you want just the Derick Lewis v Tai Tuivasa fight then scroll to 1.47.00 in that video.

However if this video is taken down, which I fully expect these days, then you can watch the official highlights below from BT. Hopefully, they will get back to putting the full fight up online after a week. If they do I will replace it.

I hope you manage to enjoy the fight from one of these videos, and please let me know in the comments what you thought of the headline event between Israel Adesanya v Robert Whitaker, as well as the Derick Lewis v Tai Tuivasa fight

So many questions to be answered which you can answer in the comments section.

Will Robert Whitaker ever get to re-gain his middleweight title from Israel Adesanya?

How long can Israel Adesanya go on in the middleweight division without a loss?

Also if The Last Stylebender does get bored with the division, will he want to go up to light heavyweight again?

One thing is for sure, if Izzy does get bored and wanted to go up to light heavyweight again he would surely need to eat a few pies and get some weight on that lean frame of his, otherwise, it will be Jan Blachowicz all over again.

Sunday 6 February 2022

UFC Vegas 47 - Sean Strickland v Jack Hermansson

Sean Strickland Continues His Rise In UFC With Split Decision Win

The American fighter continued his rise up the middleweight rankings but apologised for a poor performance, which ended in a split decision.

He was rather tame, keeping his opponent away with his jab and landing some good shots of his own which ended with a bloody face for Jack at the end. He could have gone a bit harder like the last 20 seconds, but he was just showing a cool collected master class of defending punches and takedown attempts.

However, there has been outrage by some at the judge's decision as Strickland looked in control the whole fight. Jack Hermansson his opponent was mostly hitting air all night as Strickland stayed out of his range by inches, and managed to defend against all his takedown attempts.

It was only the last few seconds where the blows were swung, with swearing coming from Strickland aimed at Hermansson, in what could have been an entertaining brawl if it hadn't have come so late.

Here are the current highlights, the full fight will come when released.

This makes it 6 straight wins at Middleweight for Strickland now, however, the main fight we all want to see is next week at UFC 271, where Israel Adesanya vows to "fxxk Robert Whitaker up again" in their rematch.

This is going to hopefully be an explosive match and hopefully, Israel is still full of his usual stylebender confidence after going up a weight and losing to Stan the man, heavy hitter, Jan Blachowicz. 

Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya was bidding to become the fifth fighter to hold two belts at different weights but he didn't really put any bulk on himself and was the same middleweight fighting in the light heavyweight division against a man with a rock hard punch.

Let's just hope this has dented any confidence in him, everyone loses at some point.....

Saturday 27 November 2021

Tyson v Wilder - Round 3 - The Closer

Tyson Fury versus Deontay  Wilder - The Closer - End Of!

After two incredible fights which saw Fury lose on points to Wilder in the first clash, before demolishing him in Vegas under a barrage of excuses by Wilder. Either that his costume he wore into the ring was too heavy or that Fury cheated with rabbit punches and finally that his ring side team shouldn't have thrown the towel in, despite probably saving his life, this was going to be the closer, and what a fight it would be. 

Some commentators were even calling it the GOAT!

If you want to copy the links for all 3 fights then here they are:

With Fury's potential next fight against Anthony Joshua getting tossed up into the air just a week before due to his loss, the fight in Vegas to end the Fury v Wilder trilogy may not lead to a unification fight but it would still be a great fight to watch between two great UK boxers.

Whether AJ has the skill to train and then beat Usyk before Tyson retires I don't know but you can watch the fight between AJ and Usyk here, and comment on whether you think AJ will have a rematch or go for a fight with Fury instead.

Despite AJ losing to Usyk we have at least one UK heavyweight champion, as once again Tyson Fury managed to beat Deotany Wilder in the ring at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Fury v Wilder

Both men went to the ground in what some commentators were calling the best heavyweight fight of the century. In a truly unbelievable third round, Fury dropped Wilder before being dropped two times himself.

And the Bronze Bomber would be knocked to the ground four times before eventually succumbing to defeat in the 11th round before being taken to hospital.

Wilder had certainly improved his skills since being demolished in the 2nd fight, but he still was relying on his strong bomb which worked a couple of times but Fury was the much better boxer taking Wilder to the floor as well with more skill and conventional boxing, and there could no claims of cheating by the Wilder fans after this fight. No heavy walk on suit to be blamed and no towel thrown in by his corner, he was laid out in round 11 and the fight was stopped by the referee

Fury v Wilder - Full Fight Replay - From BT Sports

You can watch the amazing 3rd heavyweight title fight between Tyson Fury and Deotany Wilder in Los Vegas right here curtsey of BT Sports.

The Aftermath

Immediately Wilder left the ring and was taken to hospital which was a shame, as it would have been nice to see these two warriors congratulate each other after what has been a brilliant trilogy of fights over the last couple of years. I am sure if the positions were reversed Fury would have gone over to congratulate Wilder, as that is the sort of man he is. 

He even praised Wilder in the interview and his wished him all the best, something I doubt Wilder would have done in the same position. 

So it was a shame not to see these two fighters who had 3 dramatic fights, and nearly going 12 rounds in their last put any differences aside and just hug like we have seen fighters do so many times before. Forgetting all the promotional trash talk and just congratulate each other for being warriors in the ring.

Whatever you think of Wilder not shaking hands after 3 great fights, Fury did pay homage to his worthy opponent and a transformed boxer from the 2nd fight.

Tyson Fury roared: 
"Like the great John Wayne said I am made from pig, iron and steel baby!

"I was down a couple of times and hurt and Wilder is a tough man too after he got up a few times too.

"It was a great fight tonight, worthy of any trilogy in the sport, I always said I am the first best and he is second.
"But I went over to show love and respect and he didn’t want it to so I will pray for him"

The Questions....

The question is, whether or not Anthony Johnson after just losing all his belts to Oleksandr Usyk by unanimous decision just a week before the Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder fight will have regained them in time for an all UK re-unification title fight or whether Fury will have to fight Usyk instead.

Who would like to see Fury fight next? 

Should he wait until AJ has a rematch and possibly reclaims his belts or just fight Usyk instead?

Or should he just fight AJ in what would be a great UK heavyweight fight in our country for once?

Finally like some of the commentators, did you think this was the GOAT, or the best heavyweight fight of the 21st century?

Let me know in the comments.

Anthony Joshua v Oleksandr Usyk

Anthony Joshua loses all his belts to Oleksandr Usyk

Yet again we will have to wait for a rematch to see if AJ can reclaim all his belts after losing them to a much better boxer in Oleksandr Usyk

  • Anthony Joshua's second reign as heavyweight champion has come to an end after defeat by Oleksandr Usyk .
  • The British star came unstuck against former unified cruiserweight champion Usyk in Tottenham, London .
  • Joshua, 31, was unable to find his range with Usyk's surgical precision bamboozling the heavyweight king. 
  • The three ringside judges scored the fight 117-112, 116-112, 115-113 in the Ukrainian star's favour.
  • Joshua's defeat in London has served a devastating blow to his £200million mega-fight with Tyson Fury.
This is the 2nd time a run of the mill fight on his path to a re-unification of ALL the Heavyweight belts has been stopped by a loss. The first being to Andy Ruiz Jr. Anthony Joshua lost all three of his IBF, WBA and WBO heavyweight titles after being stopped in the seventh round by huge outsider Andy Ruiz Jr at Madison Square Gardens in New York. You can watch the re-match here on my site > AJ reclaims his belts from Ruiz Jr.

With Anthony Johnson just losing all his belts yet again to Oleksandr Usyk by unanimous decision after being outfoxed and out boxed by the speedy Ukrainian over 12 rounds in Tottenham just a week before the Trilogy of fights between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder were about to fight, it looked like their bout would not be happening, and an all English Heavyweight Unification fight would not occur at all.

AJ getting beaten by Usyk

Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk - Full Fight From Sky Sports

You can watch Anthony Joshua getting demolished here if you want. It was a real shock to UK fans and probably AJ himself to find he was on the losing side yet again and will have to hope to reclaim his title belts in a re-match yet again!

Whether AJ has the skill to train and then beat Usyk before Tyson retires I don't know, but the plan was for Tyson to have one more fight to re-unify all the belts and had it been two Englishmen boxing for that event which we haven't seen in a long time.

It would have been amazing for English Boxing especially if they had fought in the UK. Maybe at Wembley or the O2 arena, can you imagine it, a UK fight, fought at a time fit for English people not American's so that we don't have to stay up until 5am to watch a scrap in Las Vegas. The queues for tickets would have stretched for miles and miles.

What did you think of the fight? 

Has AJ lost it after this 2nd defeat in 3 fights?

Will he be able to re-claim his belts in a re-match with Usyk? Or will h never hold a title belt again?

Could AJ beat Fury if they did fight?

Would you prefer to see AJ fighting Fury, or a rematch with Usyk?

Do you want AJ to reclaim all his belts before an all UK fight to re-unify ALL the heavyweight belts fought somewhere in the UK?

Personally I want to see a re-unification fight for ALL the belts, whoever holds them, and then for all the heavyweight belts to be scrapped and just one heavyweight belt made that the winner gets. Let's join up the WBA, WBO, WBC, IBF, IBO titles and any others like the Lineal title and Ring Magazine belts. So that there is only ever one Heavyweight champion which would mean boxers had no excuse to ignore fights and keep one belt and all would be fighting to get that single no 1 spot in the world. 

Having too many heavyweight belts (also any division), makes it seem watered down to me. When AJ had a set of belts but no-one would fight him, and he had trouble getting the fights he wanted, with one belt this would not happen. Tell me what you think?

Thursday 27 February 2020

Tyson v Wilder - Round 2

Tyson Fury versus Deontay  Wilder - The Sequel

Last weekend was the much anticipated rematch between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas.

The last time they met it ended in a draw. This outcome was much disputed as many people thought Fury had out-boxed Wilder despite being knocked to the canvas twice, once in the last round.

However there was no draw this time and the result was a phenomenal win by Tyson Fury who managed to knock a wild swinging Deontay to the floor numerous times before his corner through in the towel in the 7th round. This decision to save their fighter has been talked about a lot, and many fans consider it an outrage, so seemingly does Wilder, who astonishingly thought he was alright to continue.

In my eyes, if he had continued he would have ended up in the hospital or even worse, like Nigel Benn's fight with Gerald McLellan, he could have been seriously injured, maybe even permanently.

From round 3 on, it seemed Wilder was a spent man, swinging wildly with his punches and hopelessly trying to land his right hand bomb on a constantly bobbing and weaving Tyson Fury.

Fury said before the fight he was going to bully Wilder and press on him from the go. Many people, including experts didn't believe that he could but it seemed that the experience from the first fight and the changes Fury had made to negate Wilder's Knockout Right punch seemed to work. Fury had actually changed trainers from his first fight to one specialising in a US fighting style called Kronk. This is where they train with the heat up full and box to bully their opponent and it looked like those tactics worked as Fury went straight at Wilder from the start.

In the clinches he was constantly hitting Wilder, and pressing his body onto him, a heavier mass than Wilder faced before, and a tactic many Wilder fans have claimed was illegal tactics. However this is a boxing match and if you don't play the game you don't win. Boxer's know the score, they are in the ring to win and things happen, they either fight to win, taking every opportunity that comes their way or they lose.

I haven't seen a heavyweight fight where the two boxers don't clinch and punch each other in the body whilst doing so. It's a tool the boxers use and you either do it back or take the punishment until the referee pulls you apart.

Fury was deducted a point at one stage for an illegal hit, but even so he probably still won that round 9 to 8. Wilder seemed to be all over the place, slipping and falling either from Tyson's relentless punches or accidentally. Whether his ear drum were hurt from a punch or not, that may have affected his balance, Wilder just seemed to lack the basic boxing skills to handle Fury.

There was no jab, no good footwork, and Wilder just kept doing what he has done for so long. Attempting to knock out a much better boxer with one strong punch. It didn't work, and in the end his corner had enough and threw the towel in to stop the fight.

There's been a lot of controversy before and after the fight, and you can see some of the arguments below the videos. The walk on by Wilder in a (too heavy), knights suit, behind a rapper singing about black power etc has been seen by many as a way to make the fight racial but the Las Vegas crowd didn't want to play that game. Wilder was met with boos from the crowd during his entrance, whilst a relaxed Fury was carried into the ring on a thrown, as the arena played one of his favourite songs.

Wilder had made comments before the fight about Tyson's struggles with depression and drugs but Fury dismissed them all with his performance and after fight comments about them. He even sang a song in the ring to the crowd and looked very happy to have won the fight.

Watch the official highlights of the fight from BT Sport below.

The Fury v Wilder 2 - BT Sport Fight Highlights

Tyson's camp now want to fight Antony Joshua and unify all the heavyweight belts. Frank Warren wants the fight to go ahead in the Autumn in Saudi Arabia. Personally I think that is a kick in the teeth to British Boxing fans.

If this fight between two Heavyweight English Champions, goes ahead, then it should be fought in the UK either at Wembley or the O2 arena.

Why should British fans miss out on the chance to attend a local BIG heavyweight fight that would possibly be the biggest since the fights of Ali n Foreman?

Aside from the fact Saudi Arabia is a nut job country, that cuts heads off people and jails and publicly whips victims of rape, the fight to unify the belts is a good idea. There are far too many belts out there in my opinion and they should unify them all, then scrap all but one, leaving just one heavyweight champion out there for all contenders to face.

No contract disputes and people avoiding certain belt holders to go after one particular belt and not fight another fighter as we saw with AJ's attempts to find an opponent recently. WBO, WBC, IBF, IBO, etc, etc...what would the heavyweight division look like with just one belt and everyone having to fight for a place to contend for it?

It may just be a dream, however and if Fury can skip the 3rd fight with Wilder that hes contractually obliged to fight, to face AJ for his 3 belts, then it would just be as if one belt existed, for a time anyway. Whether Deontay Wilder will take a payout to miss the 3rd fight and then possibly fight AJ or Fury, for the whole lot I don't know, but it's what Fury's camp want to happen.

There is also talk of Fury retiring after winning the fight with AJ and then one defence of his unified champion status. Whether Wilder would be the person he faced if he won against AJ I don't know and it seems like a contractual nightmare could be debated and argued for some time before Fury's next opponent is settled upon.

You can watch the full fight here.

Full Fight Fury v Wilder 2

I have been on Facebook a lot in the boxing groups since the fight and it does seem to be a lot of pissed off Wilder fans making excuses for their idols loss. That is despite Wilder's own excuse that the costume he wore on the walk out into the arena was too heavy and he was drained before the fight.

This is despite comments he made on Joe Rogan's podcast that he trained with a much heavier weight around him before a big fight, therefore I don't know how he can say the weight of a small child during the walk on prevented him from fighting. He must be a very unfit fighter if that is the case!

It seems that the list of excuses include:
  • Tyson cheating by clinching and pushing his heavy body onto the smaller framed Wilder 
  • Tyson cheating by rabbit punching Wilder in the clinches 
  • Tyson cheating by flicking Wilder with his glove
  • Tyson cheating by tampering with his glove, all due to the CCTV being switched off in his changing room before the fight at one time. 
  • Tyson cheating by hitting Wilder behind the head. 
  • Wilder being okay, and it was his corner that lost the fight for him but he was standing so could continue.....all the way to the hospital in my opinion! 
  • Wilder taking an illegal shot to the back of his head on his ear which ruptured his ear drum causing the lack of balance and numerous falls we saw from him.
  • Wilder having a bad training camp. 
  • Wilder just being Wilder basically and a lot of people's hero it seems and he can do no wrong. 
  • Some racist comments against White/English boxers. 
  • Plus a load more too stupid to mention.
What do you think, should Wilder take the contract for a third fight with Fury now, or take the wait clause that Fury wants so he can fight Anthony Joshua first.

Also let me know any comments about the walk on's, the pre-fight chat, the actual fight and any excuses you haven't heard for Wilder's poor performance.

Also if you are English, do you want the fight to be held in Saudi Arabia or should it be held at home so we can all attend?

Saturday 15 February 2020

UFC 2467 - Jon Jones v Dominic Reyes

#UFC 2467 - Jon Jones v Dominic Reyes and Shevchenko v Chookagian

The UFC main card on their 247th event, was a great fight between Valentina Shevchenko and Katlyn Chookagian and Jon Bones Jones, probably the best light heavyweight we have seen in the UFC against the good Dominic Reyes
The co-main event fight at #UFC247 was between the ladies. It was an impressive display bv Shevchenko, as she showed off a wide range of strikes, from downward "axe" kicks, side kicks, strikes and an impressive floor display.

She took Chookagian down multiple times and Katyln just couldn't contain her, despite her longer legs and arms which should have enabled her to hook a tight lock around her opponent when on her back. She just couldn't manage it and Shevencko picked her opponent apart bit by bit. Katlyns leg kicks hit mostly thin air, and as Shevchenko tried to narrow the distance her own leg kicks inflicted much more damage to her opponent.

Shevencko managed to split Chookagain's face open early with her strikes and once on the ground, with no bottom defense by Katlyn seeming to work, she opened up a flurry of strikes with elbows and fists and the referee had to stop the match.

Watch the full fight between Shevchenko and Chookagian here

The fight between Jon Jones and Dominick Reyes 


The big fight was a five round display of great striking and kicking by both Jon Jones and Dominic Reyes. Jones hit the mat once but it was more of an accident from a caught kick than any strike that floored him.

The fight wen the whole 5 rounds and at the end the referees awarded the fight to the current champion, Jon Bones Jones, however many people were disputing this result, especially one referees decision to give most rounds to Jones when it was clear by the number of significant strikes that Reyes had probably won the first 3 rounds.

However the last 2 rounds are champion rounds, and it was here that Jones was in his element having fought most of his career defending his light heavyweight title. Reyes was visibly struggling, open mouthed and panting for air as Jones upped his strike count, with leg kicks, side kicks and submission attempts as Reyes spend most of the fight just circling Jones in the Octagon, making it hard for his opponent to land consecutive strikes on him accurately.

Watch the Fight Highlights of Jon Jones vs Dominick Reyes at UFC 247 

The Controversy about the result

The referees decision to award the fight to Reyes was discussed by Joe Rogan after the fight and he was upset that the decision had gone to Jones as it was quite clear to people watching that Reyes had won probably the first 3 rounds, plus he had kept upright, not hit the mat, and hadn't been taken down by any of Jon's submission attempts or strikes.

He also had more significant strikes overall than Jones which should have given the fight to him instead of the current champion.The decision of the one referee to give 4 rounds to Jones was just ridiculous in my opinion and it seems Joe Rogan agrees as well.

You can listen to Joe Rogan discuss the fight and the referees decision here in his podcast.

Joe Rogan Discusses the Referees Decision at UFC 247 here

What did you think about the decision, should the title have gone to Reyes and did he win the first 3 rounds?

Please let me know what you thought about the fight and the decision in the comment section below.